Saturday, September 28, 2013

Create EC2 Apache Stratos AMI

Apache Stratos is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud platform and it could be installed on a single node or on multiple nodes. The single node installation could be used for development and demonstration purposes. Here we are going to create EC2 Apache Stratos AMI for demonstration purpose.

You can simply create your own EC2 AMI for Apache Stratos by following the below steps.

Step 1: Create Instance

Create new instance of prefered Linux server distribution on EC2.
I have used Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS (ami-64084736) and m1.large as instance type.

Step 2: Install prerequisites

To setup the instance for Apache Stratos, have to install following software.
  1. Java 1.6.x (Oracle JDK/JRE)
  2. git 
  3. MySQL Server
  4. zip
  5. Gitblits (Optional). Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the internal Git repository service 

Step 3: Configure Apache Stratos 

Create new folders for below purposes.
  • Folder to store stratos setup : <setup-path> (/opt/stratos-installer)
  • Folder to store the binary distributions : <stratos-pack-path>  (/opt/stratos-packs)
  • Folder which stratos will be installed : <stratos-path>  (/opt/stratos)
Build Apache Stratos from source
$ git clone
$ git checkout -b 3.0.0-incubating-rc4 3.0.0-incubating-rc4
$ cd incubator-stratos
$ mvn clean install

Copy /tools/stratos-installer into <setup-path> folder and update configuration parameters in conf/setup.conf file accordingly. Example is shown below.

# General configuration
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
export setup_path=/opt/stratos-installer #Folder path containing stratos_setup
export stratos_pack_path=/opt/stratos-packs #Folder path containing stratos packages 
export stratos_path=/opt/stratos #Folder which stratos will be installed
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.6.0_45 #Java home path

Download Cloud Controller, Stratos Controller, Elastic Load Balancer, Stratos Agent packages from and copy to a desired location (<stratos-pack-path>)or you can use the packages which you have already built.

Download WSO2 Message Broker binary distribution from and copy it to <stratos-pack-path>.Make sure to set MB's port offset in repository/conf/carbon.xml to 5. This will set the actual port to 5677

Download MySQL Java connector from and copy the jar file to <stratos-pack-path> and update the conf/setup.conf file accordingly.

Update configuration parameters in conf/setup.conf under  IaaS Providers section with your own cartridges, refer here for more details on creating cartridge images. I have used the pre-built PHP, MySQL and Tomcat cartridge images publicly available in Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region.
  • PHP Cartridge : ami-8a733bd8
  • MySQL Cartridge : ami-3e753d6c
  • Tomcat Cartridge : ami-6484cc36
Now you have successfully configured the Apache Stratos instance. You can create the snapshot from that instance and share it in a secure manner.

You will be able to use ami-e0b7e2b2 for the demonstration which is available in Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region 

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  1. I have just launched a fresh instance using apache-stratos-4.0.0-M1 AMI. Is Stratos already installed or I have to install?? If already installed, how can i access it??